wheres that voice meme i did, you can hear my terrible speech talk while i ramble about resident evil for almost 30 minutes becasue thats how i roll

that tag speaks to me on a deep visceral level

i forgot to add lack volume control as well since my enthusiasim knows no bounds

if youve ever met me ive prolly maade a “skkhhGGFG” noisen at least once

is that why we get along so well

i specifically remember making strange noises at you durung visits

it should be known that my methods of speech are strange both irl and online


compliment the person you reblog this from in the tags

I am a boy with a lot of feelings and I will cry if I must

i apologizee for not being super talkative. im already a pretty quiet person+ive been pretty exhausted from Stuff lately that doesnt get me going on about nonsense so much




Have I read any criticisms of rap that are written by white people that aren’t inherently racist

Here’s one: 80% of rap is really boring.

Here’s one: eat my ass